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New Fall Colors

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Change is good I think - so here are the new fall colors for (oooh and new logo too)

Pictures are done (sort of)

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For those of you who didnt notice there is a new link (I moved it to the top as well) for pictures ITS ON THE RIGHT. they are not all captioned, that will come soon. I also have uploaded them all to ofoto - you can access them this way here

Ofoto Link

- you can even order prints if you choose. Let me know what you think of them in the comments.

Pictures are coming soon

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The pictures will probably not be high enough resolution to print so if you want a better quality copy let me know. In the meantime here is a picture I took of some lions in Moremi game reserve in Botswana, click on the thumbnail for a better look.

I'm Home

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Just wanted to let everyone know I am home....