January 2005 Archives

Snow Day!


I know I am from Wisconsin and I should be all tough about this stuff, but it snowed about six inches yesterday and it was a balmy 20 degrees so I decided to sit in front of my computer and update my site. I noticed my last post was November and I said I would have pictures up next week so I am only about two months late.

If anyone hasn't talked to me lately - not much has changed.. still in DC, which I was made painfully aware of during the last week as my entire neighborhood was on lock-down due to inauguration events... I was warned that I would need to show ID to even walk on my street. I used it as an excuse to go to an extended happy hour and avoided most of the nonsense.

We are in the design phase of my project, so no travel anytime soon... which of course means I wont have a real reason to update this site for a while so hopefully I can keep on top of things.