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World Travel Round Two

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OK, almost 2 years to the day from my Africa trip I have put my next itinerary on hold with United for my Around the World trip. I have 72 hours to confirm but barring any major change here is where I am heading:

September 1st - Leave DC
September 2nd - Arrive Copenhagen Denmark take train to Aarhus to visit my friend Anna that I met in Africa.
September 3-4 - Touring Northern Denmark
September 5-6 - Copenhagen
September 6th - depart for Bangkok (10:45PM)
September 7-9 - Tour Bangkok
September 10-11 - Tour Chaing Mai
September 12th - depart Chengdu, China (10:45PM)
September 12-15 - Tour Chengdu
September 15-21 - Try to book flight to Tibet and Beijing
September 22 - Depart Sydney Australia (1:45PM)
September 23-28th - Travel Australia
September 28th - depart for Home...

Can't wait...