Almost done

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Just thought I would throw up a quick update. Spent the day in Melbourne touring around and also relaxing. It is quite nice here, I think there is some rule that there needs to be a coffee shop or cafe every 100 feet or so. It is actually quite nice - since I am a big fan of cafes. They all also have outdoor seating which is nice, however the weather here is not really warm enough for that sort of thing. Today was probably in the lower 60s, pleasant, but a bit brisk.

I booked a flight on Qantas tomorrow at 9AM to Sydney which will give me from about 10AM until 8PM or so to tour Sydney. I suppose I could also get up early Wednesday morning and look at some stuff before my flight at 1:45. To tell you the truth I probably won't. I am a bit "toured" out now. Being in a large city and just walking around looking at stuff is interesting for about 1 hour, then it just gets rather boring and tough on the feet. I suppose I shot of the opera house and I can call it a day.

I am not sure if there will be another post - this might be it for my blog until I post some pictures in a week or two. I arrive back late Wednesday night the 28th if anyone is looking for me.

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