Bangkok day four and quick change of plans

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Ok - first for those of you who keeping track, I am NOT in China today. As was inevitable, I have missed my flight to Chengdu because i copied my itinerary down incorrectly. I did not realize that my flight was at 10:45AM until about Noon today... I contacted United and all is well, after a bit of work on my part today and a trip across Bangkok I have newly issued ticket to Chengdu on the 14th of this month (2 days later) at 10:45AM.

Bangkok Day Four

Today On and I went to the beach in Patayya - about 2.5 hours from Bangkok via bus. The buses here are very Unique, of course we got on a bus that stops on its way to Patayya rather than an express bus (Even locals mess up I guess) and we stopped about 10 times on the way to pick people up. By the end all of the seats were full and there were people crammed everywhere in the Aisles. Very efficient I supposes, although maybe not as safe as you would hope. We were fine as we were the first people on the bus and had seats the entire way.

The beaches here are quite nice - the back parts of them are covered with Chairs and Umbrellas for customers. About every 50 feet of beach is covered by someone who will watch for customers, set up chairs and umbrellas for you by the beach and get whatever food or drinks you want (from ice cream to fried rice). They also keep an eye on your valuables for you and we had no problems leaving our stuff under our table all day even when we took off swimming, etc.

We also rented a jet ski and took it out for a spin on the ocean, I have somehow never been on one before so it was great deal of fun, although I guess not very 'Thai'. Of course all in all the beach was the beach just like anywhere, so not a real difference from the states.

Well I guess there was one major difference... I have never seen elephants at the beach back home. Every so often someone would come by with an elephant on what is basically a leash. You could pay then some amount (not sure how much maybe $1) to get a bag of celery to feed to the elephant. I suppose in a lot of ways this was rather sad, but its not the first or last sad thing I will see here I suppose.

Well I think that pretty much catches me up - nothing too exciting on the horizon, maybe I will actually make it my first tourist site while I am here, I dont think I have done anything from my guidebook yet.


If you stop in Pattaya, or Chon Buri, stop and say hi to my wife. And if you can, find some crazy Thai curse to place upon the Detroit Lions....

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