Bangkok day three

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OK going back a bit now as I have running around Thailand like a madman for the past three days and have not had time for to update.

Day Three was good - On took us to her friend Da's house and gave us instruction on how to cook. We took the local bus (all Thai's) to the market and bought all of the supplies. The market was about 30 minutes from Bangkok so we were a bit of a spectacle, many people would giggle when we walked by (especially since Brendan is rather pale and 6'5" tall). On translated for us so we could talk to some of the people in the market and they were all quite nice, they tried to guess our age and asked us a few questions.. We eventually left with about 10 bags full of supplies (which cost about $5 total).

Da runs her own accounting company out of the house and has about 5 employees who do accounting all day.. I also found out she has a coffee shop, steak house, and various other businesses. Her house was very nice and had a large kitchen. We had plenty of help during our cooking class as there were a number of Da's relatives running around and also her mother who was older and a master chef I am sure. I had a number of really nice pictures of the children and the family, but somehow my memory card became corrupt and I lost about 20% of my pictures, very disappointing (however I think Brendan has a couple of similar pictures so that is a little help).

After we cooked lunch we went to a local Buddhist temple. We bought some flowers, candles, incense, and paper with gold in it. The flowers you you place near the shrine, you burn the incense and candle for good luck (it also makes the entire temple area smell nice). Finally you rub the gold sheet somewhere on the Buddha (head, heart, stomach, etc..) and it is supposed to heal that part of you if you have a problem. It was very interesting, and nice because we were the only non-thai's in the temple because it is well outside of downtown bangkok.

Next we went to the market and looked at all the excellent food, and some materials. We bought tickets for a private boat ride, and also bought some snacks for the trip. (some sort of pickled Mango and some other fruit - not really my favorite). Our boat tour lasted about on hour and reminded me of the sights you see in movies about Vietnam - I felt like John Kerry on his gunboat only with less enemy fire (and fewer confirmed kills).

Finally we went out for dinner at a local Thai place, it was very nice (on and Da's favorite - it is surrounded by some sort of large farm that grows some type of plant in rows about 6 feet tall - so there are some very long walkways almost like a maze made out of plants). The food was sort of like Thai Fondue - you sit outside and they bring you a clay pot with some hard wood underneath of it and some soup broth. Then you add your vegetables, meat, etc.. to the soup mix and eat it (called Hot Pot in English). We had that and also some other Thai Curry, etc.. It was very nice - and again no other farang (foreigners) were around so you really feel like a Thai person - without On and Da we we would have never seen this because the menu is entirely in Thai (w/ no pictures) so I was very happy to have guide.

OK that is all I am posting for now - will try and get some pictures up later.

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