Last day in Bangkok

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Not too much going on today - just doing a little shopping in Bangkok for some gifts and clothes for myself then I might venture out and do some sightseeing before I leave. Breakfast was really good today - I am getting into eating like an Asian so I had Rice, and some sort of Thai dish (maybe chicken, basil, and green beans - very spicy). I also had a large iced coffee that was better than anything Starbucks has one the menu served from a street vendor.. Total price for breakfast $1.50.

Tomorrow I wake up early and catch the bus to the airport for a quick 3 hour flight to China. Then I think I will be there for about 2 days before heading to Lhasa, Tibet.


Hey Richard. I am glad your mom shared this with me. This is great to see your travels as I am sure I will never visit these places or even feel a need to. Have a great time the rest of your trip. Jill

Geeze, if I would have known you had been doing all this traveling, I would have begged to tag along! The most I've talked to your Ma in ages is when you came to visit Gram, and she never mentioned you going anywhere. Oh well, hope your having an awesome time! You'll have to let us all know what real chinese food tastes like, since everything here is so 'americanized'.

We just had our housewarming party last weekend, it went great. My friend flew from Arizona and was amazed that I was growing 'wild' apples right in my backyard--ones you could pick and eat right off the tree!! I was almost afraid to show him my garden after that comment.

Anyway, be sure to take a lot of pictures of yourself in these places. After talking tons of pictures of the Grand Canyon last year, I found that my favorite pictures were the ones with my feet in them--cause then at least I could prove (and remember) that I was really there! Hehehe ----Your cuz.

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