Last post from Tibet for a while

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OK - you can all laugh at me now... I dont even know how I got the expression on my face but it pretty much sums up my trip so far in Tibet. I have been eating quite a few yak burgers (its all yak meet up here) and they are tasty and probably the most western food I have eaten since I left.

Last night some crazy Mountaineer guy was telling us horror stories of climbing up in altitude too much too fast. He basically said we are crazy to go to Nam Tso lake after only being in Lhasa 3 days to adjust to the altitude. Apparently we are guaranteed headaches and possible nausea at the best case (I guess at least one kid was wandering around delirious, and another had his entire face turn blue was only able to breath well with supplied oxygen you can usually buy at the top). The other problem is that to get down you have to drive four hours, and you have to climb another 200 meters over a pass so really you dont have much choice but to tough out the night. We decided that we might want to prepare a little more so we started a quest to find some diamox (a prescription diuretic that survival people, etc.. take when they are forced to climb high fast) we have managed to get some Europeans, so we began taking it today. Hopefully between this and resting for the day we will be OK.

Other than that a pretty uneventful day, bought some supplies for our trip, and also hit the market to look for souvenirs. I will try and post more pictures later but I might be unavailable for a while because I have 2 days at Nam Tso then the next day I fly to Chengdu, then the day after that I fly to South Korea, I will try and be in touch.


don't forget yer yak jerky, cuz its hungry at the top...
might also wanna bring yer yak grease too, cuz its lonely up there prolly..

Hey, Rich. Finally got caught up on all your postings. Very interesting and entertaining to read -- thanks for sharing! Great pics too. Be safe, and take it easy in the altitude!

Nice pic. I hope you bought that hat. I want to see you wear it out in DC this winter.


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