My Last Post (probably)

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Today I played tourist and walked around Sydney. I saw the opera house (of course) and went to the zoo. All in all it was another sort of boring site seeing day..

The zoo was sort of interesting, you take a ferry from Circular Quay which takes about 10 minutes and gives you a view of the harbor. Once you arrive at the zoo you hop on a cable car which takes you to the top of hill which the zoo resides on. The view from the cable car is pretty decent and you also are taken over the zoo itself so you can look down at all of the exhibits.

Once you reach the top you basically walk back down to the ferry stop and check out the animal exhibits on the way down. I had never seen a Koala bear before so that was sort of interesting. I think they don't really exist, but are robots created by Japan to spy on people. They are the most bizarre looking things and they move very strangely (when they move at all). Anyway I also saw Kangaroos, and a platypus, as well as some poisonous snakes and a Tasmanian devil. I skipped most of the rest as I figure I live 2 miles from a free zoo that has all the same animals.

The rest of the day I just walked around a bit and looked at some shops and ate. Tonight I am in King's Cross which is the seedy part of town where most of the cheap backpacker accommodations are. There are lots of drug addicted people and sex shops, so it is a little interesting. Of course it is only about 7:30PM here so it is still quite tame. I probably wont be here much longer, going to head back to my hostel, pack and get ready for my 30 hours of travel home.

I am guessing this will be my last post - I am set to depart tomorrow at 2:45 PM on United, I will arrive in LA at 11:15 AM on the same day (gotta love the international date line). My flight out of LA gets me home around midnight and I have the great honor of working just 8 short hours later...

I will try and remember to post that I have arrived home safely for those of you who care.

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