Quick update - I am in Tibet!!

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Just a quick update - I arrived in Lhasa, Tibet today around 11AM. There was a group of about seven westerners on the flight so we all stuck together after we landed. It is about a 2 hour drive from the airport the Lhasa, and getting transportation is difficult, especially since we were trying to stick together and everyone had a large backpack with them. Eventually we were able to obtain transportation to Lhasa on a rickety mini-bus driven by man who looked about 85 years old. He drove like he was 85 too, we were passed by just about everyone. When we arrived in Lhasa he tried to drop us off outside town near the temples, etc.. but one of the girls was knew a little bit of Chinese and also knew exactly where we were trying to get (based on a map in the guidebook) and she took charge to get him to take us to the old part of town where we are all staying. I was quite impressed to watch her speak a meager amount of Chinese, and still be able to talk this guy into taking us further than he wanted at the same price (Everyone here understands the basics like where you want to go when you say the name of a place, but they feign ignorance so they can do what they want to do).

Anyway Tibet is really amazing, reminds me of Alaska a little bit with all of the mountains, but the Tibetan architecture is amazing, and everything is so clean and nice it is really breathtaking. I plan to take about 100 pictures tomorrow and will try and post some before I depart.

For now I am just taking it easy - going to meet the two english guys from the bus in about 30 minutes and try and book a trip via land rover for about 2 days. I will post details if we get something booked. For now I am fighting Altitude Sickness - I am about 12,000 feet higher now than I was in Chengdu, and it is a very strange feeling. I am a little dizzy, and have a slight tingle everywhere... I did buy some chinese medicine (herbs, etc..) that is supposed to help, but the important thing is to stay hydrated and to rest for the first day or two.

Anyway the internet is fast (for Tibet at least) here so I will post more later tonight.



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