Sweet Jumps in Denmark

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Today I arrived in Copenhagen after a 1.5 hour bus ride and then a 4 hour train ride. I read for most of the journey although I did look out the window for a little while. Denmark has some interesting architecture and there were some interesting cities on the way such as Aalborg which appeared to be a college town.

Its amazing how ubiquitous bikes are here there are way more bikes than cars and everyone is very respectful of the right of way for cyclists. They also provide free bikes for tourists, just pop in a 20 kroner coin (3$US) and you can take a bike and get your coin back when you are done. I uploaded a picture of my trusty bike, I think the Danes really get annoyed when they get passed by a crazy person on a crappy free bike but whatever. Actually in my observations I believe this may have been the 3rd best bike in Copenhagen. Most of the people here are riding pretty old crappy bikes, but then again when a beer costs almost $10US who can afford a bike, they probably cost $4000.

I am in an internet cafe now because I dont want to go back to the hostel. I stopped in briefly and dropped of my bag, my room already smelled like B.O. at 4PM and someone was sleeping. I am in Wing C, Room 20, Bed 05, which is one of over 520 beds. I am hoping I am really tired tonight after my walking/biking tour as the inevitable sound of snoring and smell of unwashed traveler will be there to greet me. Of course my bed only cost $20 vs, $100 for a 1 star hotel downtown so I suppose it is worth it.

Here is where I am staying in case anyone is interested, or this mysteriously becomes my last post..


OK I suppose I am out of here for now...

Tomorrow I am on a 10:45 PM flight to Bangkok, Thailand. I am only there for one night then I am taking an overnight train to Chiang Mai. In case of emergency here is my hostel information, although I will probably post one more time tomorrow as I have 14 hours to kill in Copenhagen and I think I have already seen everything.

Bangkok Hostel - Shambara Hostel
138 Tanao Road
Talad, Yad, Phanakorn, Thailand
+66 2 2 2877968

Chaing Mai - Seven Suns,
155 Ratchamanka Rd
Chiang Mai, Thailand


nice pictures.
you look pretty tough on the bike son,
what with the horses, boats and pictures of taxis.

Hey Rich! I wish I had known you were going to Copenhagen. My dad's entire family lives there. I could have hooked you up with a free place to stay. Oah well..next time. Seeing the picture of the "walking street" in DK makes me miss my family over there and the hot dogs. Did you eat a hot dog from one of the street vendors. They ROCK!

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