Tibet Update with more pictures

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Yesterday was pretty fun, I explored Lhasa with the two English guys and a guy from Norway. The English guys are crazy and a bunch of fun - they are about five months into a 6.5 month world tour and have a ton of crazy stories.

Yesterday we went to the Sera Monastery, its really beautiful. We also checked out the daily sessions where the monks go to have philosophical debates. It was rather interesting, they are constantly slapping their hands together to make a point, which is all you can hear other than the sounds of their discussions. Here is a little article on it.

We also went to Potala Palace (at least the outside) - its one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I have posted a picture of me by it so you can get an idea of its size, its 13 stories tall, and has over 1000 rooms. Today we have tickets to see the inside.

Other than that things are going OK, last night was rough as the altitude was really starting get to me. I woke short of breath a couple of times during the night (their is 70% less oxygen in the air here) and it can also affect your body in other ways (lets just say I wish I had a bathroom in my room instead of down two flights of stairs). I feel a little better this morning - so hopefully all will be OK.

We booked a Land Cruiser for Monday to take us to Nam Tso Lake which is I think about another 10,000 feet higher than Lhasa. It is a lake at the same elevation as the Everest Base Camp and from what people have said it is amazing, I will be sure to take a lot of pictures.

Thats all for now...

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