Ummm bangkok night two or three or something

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Must update quick today because I have to switch hostels, tonight is booked up where I have spent the last 3 days. It is actually OK because this place has a curfew of 2AM and I think I might stay up late Sunday night and try and watch a football game while I am here (they dont start until midnight or 1AM here). I caught the end of the first game around 10AM here yesterday and sat and talked to an American named Allen who was also watching the game. He was teaching English in southern Thailand and was in Bangkok for a taste of civilization.

Last night Brendan and I went to a Muay Thai fight, On (our tour guide) joined us for the match as well. It was nice to have a local with us because she could tell us a lot about the match, and also what people were saying etc.. Also lots of Farangs (Foreigners) attend Muay Thai fights, so of course there are a lot of people milling about near the arena that would like to help you spend your money.

The match was not all that exciting, no blood, no KOs, but still interesting to see. Also something you only want to catch once most likely as even our 3rd class seats cost 1000baht ($25) which is about what I spent the first 2 days I was here on accommodations and food. If you sit ringside the tickets cost 2000baht, the downside is that the ringside and 2nd class are all segregated so you sit with all foreigners if you sit in them. We were with a good mix of Thai and Farangs and the view was still quite excellent. Also as with everything in thailand, the locals probably pay 20 baht for ringside seats, but it is pointless to argue.

After the fight On took us to this outdoor eating/entertainment venue. I dont know what it was called (will have to ask) but it was the perfect choice. It was basically a couple of hundred plastic tables surrounded by food vendors (slightly more upscale permanents structures, a step above street vendors). You could also get beer and drinks. In the center was a huge stage with Thai performers which were good - not the typical thai old time dancing stuff, this was definitely for young people, they sang some Thai songs and also some american songs and they have lights, etc.. I will try to get some pictures up as I dont think I am doing it justice. We made sure On got home safe and Brendan and I headed back to our part of town (30 minute cab ride home = $3.50 split two ways - gotta love asia).

Today On who has basically become out personal tour guide at this point is teaching Brendan and I how to cook - I think it will be quite interesting. It serves everyone though I think, I get free authentic cooking instruction, and On gets to practice her English. Unfortunately she cannot cook spring rolls (doesnt have the equipment) so I wont get to learn that...

On another note of good luck Brendan leaves tomorrow for Singapore and then to Perth and Sydney Australia. He has some friends in Sydney and Melbourne he is visiting on exactly the same days as I will be in Australia and he has invited me to join him. I am happy for the offer as I had no idea what I was going to do in Australia it looks like once again I will get to hang out with some locals which always means more fun.


It's Sunday and I'm at work...looking at your pictures. It's great reading all your updates. Continue to keep us posted, it gives me something interesting to do at work. Mom

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