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That night we stayed in Marangu, on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. It was so overcast that we couldn't see the mountain itself, and it rained fairly hard when we stopped the truck a ways away from the campsite and carried all our stuff over some slick dirt roads to where we would camp. The site made an incredible dinner for us (rice, beef stew, banana stew, some sort of beans) and we filled up before stumbling back to the cold tent for another night's fitful rest. The next morning, bleary and exhausted, we had cold showers in some stalls, toast for breakfast, and headed out for the planned activity, a village walk that would bring us to the sponsored project, an educational and vocational center. Our walk also brought us to a pretty waterfall, but we were too cold to strip down and jump in. Lunch was prepared by some villagers, and was quite a spread of local foods (again, beef stew, rice, beans, lentils, oranges, bananas). We packed up again, and headed out to Karatu, where we would spend the night.

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