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We arrived in Nairobi exhausted after two weeks of rain, camping, and overland truck driving. We checked into our hotel for the night which was a little slice of heaven after camping in the bush for the past couple of days. We had a nice bed, our own bathroom and hot shower, and high speed wireless Internet - Melissa and I were both ecstatic.

Ngorogoro Crater

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Melissa: We dragged ourselves awake the next morning before dawn and groggily ate a light breakfast of cereal and nothing. The cook for our trip had miscalculated the amount of food we would need and had run out of just about everything. No peanut butter, no yoghurt, no bananas, no eggs, nothing. The bread he had bought was moldy. This was especially unfortunate, as we were expected to pack sandwiches for lunch, to be eaten on our jeeps. The cook suggested that we pack the sandwich fixings in bowls and have salads for lunch, despite the fact that there was no dressing. My salad consisted of slices of cucumber, slices of tomato, and some onion.


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Melissa: No such luck on the clothes. They stayed damp, but we packed them up anyway and jumped into the jeeps that arrived to bring us to the Serengeti. The first zebra we spotted was a huge event--it was fairly far away, but healthy and plump and its stripes stood out vividly against the plains. Our fellow jeep mates, the nineteen year old couple from England, told us that these zebras were much more attractive than the ones that they had seen in other parts of Africa. Then we saw wildebeest and giraffe, both fairly far away, and I was intensely happy.


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Melissa: We had a rare treat on the way to Arusha--a western-style shopping complex with a supermarket. This shopping complex was basically a strip mall similar to any you would find anywhere around America, but it was paradise to us. There was a coffee shop, a bakery, and a giant Shoprite where we picked up snacks and necessities like packets of tissues (used as toilet paper) and wet antiseptic towellettes, more and more valuable to us as three more passengers on the truck (the Australian chef, the Englishman, and the male half of the Australian newlywed couple) came down with the same symptoms as we had.