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We arrived in Nairobi exhausted after two weeks of rain, camping, and overland truck driving. We checked into our hotel for the night which was a little slice of heaven after camping in the bush for the past couple of days. We had a nice bed, our own bathroom and hot shower, and high speed wireless Internet - Melissa and I were both ecstatic.

At the same time we both had a fair amount of dread at the next 15 days of camping. The truck for the past two weeks had been bumpy and full of leaks which meant that we spent most of the trip in damp clothes on damp seats in a bumpy truck. The sights were amazing, but the constant damp and cold had dulled our spirits a little. Sitting in a nice hotel with a bed had really brought home how much nicer things could be. In addition our stay would be short--we arrived in Nairobi around 4pm and had a welcome dinner to attend at 6pm where we would meet an almost entirely new crew. The next day the planned departure was 7AM, meaning we would get just about 12 hours in a hotel before setting out again.

We showered and relaxed for a little while before making our way down to the welcome dinner to meet our 10 new truck mates. Five of us remained from the previous trip which was great because some of our favorite people stayed behind - but we didn't know what the next group of 10 strangers would bring.

The new group turned out to be pretty great. There was one American, a guy who had a Russian background (and spoke fluent Russian) who was a doctor in New York. It's always great to have a doctor on your trip as Africa tends to create a bit of anxiety about any small rashes, lumps, or worm-like objects you find in and on your skin. Also considering we would often be hundreds of miles from any sort of medical center we were all pretty grateful for our luck. We also had a couple from the UK who were about our age and were traveling for just two weeks. There was another couple from Australia made up of a nurse (more luck!) and her husband. Our new group also contained a pair of young Swiss girls who were very quiet and were traveling for a year and planned to meet their boyfriends in Livingstone in about a month, two more nineteen year olds (two English boys who had been friends since primary school) who were both very nerdy (in a good way), and finally a young girl who was training to become a doctor in Australia who was spending some time in Tanzania at a local hospital and was taking this trip as a small vacation before returning home. After the welcome dinner we made our way back to the room to sort out our belongings and get ready for two more weeks on the road.

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