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Last Day in Buenos Aires

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It was time for us to view the more traditional tourist destinations in Buenos Aires so, despite the disgusting heat, we headed over to the square the holds the (Casa Rosada) and other major governmental buildings. Again, it was so hot that my face ended up burning even though I had smeared my face liberally with sunblock.

Buenos Aires Day 3

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We were determined to finally try some of the famous Argentinian beef we have heard so much about. In Buenos Aires it is served at restaurants called "parillas". We booked a parilla tour, which was basically a walk around to the parillas frequented mostly by locals to get an authentic taste (like everything famous in Argentina there are a lot of places that cater only to tourists).

Buenos Aires Day 2 (Rich)

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After sleeping in a little we finally got motivated to leave the hotel around 11AM. Of course this also was the beginning of the hottest part of the day on a day that would reach 107 degrees.

Buenos Aires - Finally! (Melissa)

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Today we flew from Dulles to Buenos Aires by way of Houston. We were very excited a few weeks ago to enroll in the Global Entry system, which allows you to go through customs on your return trips to the United States without having to stand in interminable lines full of irritated, not-so-fresh passengers from your flight back. An unexpected perk of the Global Entry program is that it automatically enrolls you in TSA Precheck, a program that lets you skip the regular security line at airports in the USA to go through a special line where you don't have to remove your plastic bag of liquids from your carry-on luggage and you don't have to take off your shoes. I for one was very excited about the TSA Precheck line, until we got to Dulles and realized that most people in the DC area are enrolled in TSA Precheck due to security clearances. The line for TSA Precheck was likely longer than the regular security line.