Last Day in Buenos Aires

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It was time for us to view the more traditional tourist destinations in Buenos Aires so, despite the disgusting heat, we headed over to the square the holds the (Casa Rosada) and other major governmental buildings. Again, it was so hot that my face ended up burning even though I had smeared my face liberally with sunblock.

Rich really wanted to see San Telmo, so we walked over. Honestly, there may be really cool parts of San Telmo, but it seemed like a relatively quiet neighborhood to us as we trudged through it. Because it was so close by, we continued on to the Boca neighborhood, which Rich had told me was a very touristy area. Boy, was it. It was like Bourbon Street in New Orleans or Kowsoon Road in Bangkok--pervaded by a certain desperate air that everybody must have fun. Tourists were seated outside in the relentless heat and sun, eating steaks and drinking, and watching sad, determined dancers do the Argentine tango in heatstroke weather.

Rich had been thinking of the empanadas from our first night in Buenos Aires for a couple of days (he has a love of all things made from dough), and admittedly, that empanada had been light, crispy, and airy (I think probably baked in their pizza oven as opposed to deep fried). He mentioned that empanada so many times that I finally took pity on him and our last dinner in Buenos Aires was had where we had our first dinner in Buenos Aires--Cumana. This was more of a sacrifice on my part than it seems--Cumana had almost no air conditioning, and it was roughly 95 degrees at night in Buenos Aires while we were there. I had a salad. We stumbled back to the hotel.

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