The boat for the shark dive The ride to Dyer Island off of false bay The Cage The first great white  sighted shark good shot of its fin Me getting into the cage
A shot from the cage Me underwater in the cage underwater shot probably my best shot Shot from on top of boat Another Great white The waterfront Cape Town
some street performers singing performers another shot of Cape town waterfront The district 6 museum House on the townships township tour guide a local drinking in a shabeen
some shots of township more shots during township tour township township a traditional African doctors house Kindergarten kids in kindergarten
spontaneous little kid dance party strange african bart simpson statue Hermanus Hermnaus whale sighting another whale Hermanus
Hermanus Emily, Claire, Bradly and a dutch girl. Hermanus backpackers Hermanus Hermanus Hermanus Hermanus
Hermanus Tired dog at Hermanus Backpacker Hermanus Cooking a Braii Carol, Richard, Bradley Pool Pool
Stumble Inn Backpacker Stellenbosch Stellenbosch The wine tour gang Stellenbosch Katrin, Ruth, Jessica Winery view
winery winery inside at wine tasting vineyards lunch stop winery winery
winery winery here is what I looked like after  week one My stuff Boulder Bay Penguins Penguins Penguins
Penguins Penguins Boulders bay Cape Town Me driving on the wrong side Netherlands girls Jessica, me, Katrin, Ruth Cape Point
Another shot Cape Point Cape Point OK, maybe I dont need this many pics I was really there Baboons Baboons
Cape of good hope ostrich Simon's Town Camps bay Camps Bay Camps Bay Robben Island Tour
Nelson Mandela's Cell Robben Island View of Cape Town from table Mtn View of Cape Town from table Mtn Table Mountain with Katrin Table Mountain Table Mountain
A Dossie Dossie Cape Town somehwere Strange sign in Cape Town (long street) Long Street First shot on overland trip (Monique) Orange River area
Orange River Campsite Orange River Orange River Me ah, me again The overland gang and the truck everyone but me at orange river
Cooking Umkulu style Louie and Andrea (and friend) OK, clearly someone stole my camera Africa (could I be less specific) Breakfast Huts on road Huts
relaxing sartje the truck Namibia campsite Louie, Andrea, and Anna Fish River Canyon FRC FRC
Monique dancing (it was a penalty) Good luck statues and a crazy sky Beautiful children hmmm, I forgot damnit Dune #1 Namibia Namibia Namibia
Namibia Namibia Namibia Namibia Namibia Namibia Anna and Anja
Campsite in Namibia Namibia Camel Camels Kulseb Canyon Henno Martin Hideout Doreen and Anja
random picture nice landscape another shot Monique and Anna singing Desert Monique at Cafe Streets of Swakopmund
The Big Five :) Spitzkoppe Spitzkoppe Me at the top Spitzkoppe Kids playing soccer Maybe the best goalie ever
Etosha (Namibia) Etosha Etosha Etosha Etosha Lioness Her Cubs
Etosha Etosha Etosha Etosha Etosha Etosha Etosha
watering hole hey Rare and elusive Giraffe drinking watering hole campsite with warthogs little hogs drinking Marabou Stork
Marabou Stork Monique, me, Louie, Andrea we were close watering hole campsite campsite campsite
Ann, me, Monique lots of zebras   Small African city peace garden shabeen kids posing kids posing
lightweight guides swedes Ngepi anna and me campsite and sartje monkey Lions
get Ready Lion Love to give you and idea of how close we were View or Moremi GR Hippos Hippos another shot
moremi shot another Lions resting (they were tired) Moremi large herd of elephants Look Ned he's coming right for us! Moremi
Moremi Moremi Moremi Moremi Moremi Moremi Moremi
a different Lion It was hot  everything was sleeping Eagle Our truck for game drives Moremi Moremi Moremi
Our Guide (Sweepers) Moremi uh oh he looks pissed Lion Not far away Very Rare Cheetah the guide said 1 in 50 see cheetah
Cheetah Cheetah Cheetah Cheetah Vultures at the Cheetahs kill Campsite (look for monkeys) Cooking the last Big meal
The meal (steak, mushroom sauce) James (croc fighting dog) Louie Me Louie and Andrea The Ferry to Zambia me looking cool Monkey and Baby
Monkeys playing Stan and Doreen Campsite Campsite (we were roughing it here) Livingstone Campsite Victoria Falls
Largest falls in the world Vic Falls Vic Falls Vic Falls Vic Falls Vic Falls Vic Falls
Vic Falls Vic Falls Crazy People swimming Vic Falls Victoria Falls Town Vic Falls Victoria Falls town (superchicken!)