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Jacey on the tube

Sega Funland Trafalgar square street out hotel was on Queensway Trafalgar square from portrait gallery Trafalgar square again street performer in Leicester Square
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Imax theatre London Eye view from London eye - Big Ben View from Eye View from eye View from eye London Eye
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Chinese Restaurant - Scrummy Theatre we were at Piccadilly Circus Jacey by Horse Statue Stonehenge - Duh Again We were really there Roman Bath in Bath
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Street Performer in Bath Ummm meat and potatoes Street in Bath Another view of Bath Artist we bought a painting from London Tower Tower Bridge
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Speaker's Corner The Tube Leicester Square So stupid Americans don't get hit by cars Trafalgar Square View from Square Lots O' Birds
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The Strand Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace Cause you know I am Some Hommies Green Park Near Buckingham Palace Our Haul from the plane
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Some Arch The Strand St Paul's Cathedral Tower Bridge The Strand Our Home Street Performer