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Blue Mosque Istanbul

Children playing in  Istanbul

Our first hotel room in Turkey (Armada)

Blue Mosque again

Armada hotel from the outside Istanbul

Dolmabache Public Mosque

Dolmabache Mosque inside

Dolmabache Mosque ceiling 

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Dolmabache Palace proper 

Topkapi palace courtyard

Marble bathroom Dolmabache palace

Supper club?

Ortakoy where we at Kumpir

Hagia Sophia

Pierre Loti Cafe Istanbul

Grand Bazaar from outside 

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View of Istanbul (Taksim area)

Basilica Cistern

Mosaic inside St Sophia 

another mosaic

St. Sophia inside

yet another mosaic

Pierre Loti Cafe

View from Pierre Loti Cafe

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weapon collection in Topkapi palace

more weapons


Topkapi palace outside

Dolmabache Palace

Inside Dolmabache Palace

Blue mosque inside from inside

Blue mosque

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View  Istanbul from Pera Palas Hotel

A street in Iistanbul

Blue mosque

The old-school elevator pera palas

Pera Palas Dining area

our friend Ilhan's family

Istanbul University

A mall in Turkey (Eges Park)

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View of Ephesus Turkey

Animal sacrifice for Bayram Holdiay

Ilhan's Father

House where the Virgin Mary lived

Izmir, Turkey - view from our hotel

me after a long day

some friends we met in Izmir

Taksim Square area

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Weird candy we bought from mall

Clock tower in Izmir

Ruins of Ephesus, Turkey

remains of a Library

some relics in Ephesus

carvings on rock

Ancient theater Ephesus

theater again

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Temple of Zeus Athens, Greece

Temple of Zeus

Street in Greece

Ancient Agora in Greece

A restaurant in Plaka, Athens


St Johns Cathedral
Epehesus Turkey

another shot from the cathedral

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View of Athens, Greece

another view

Theater in the Acropolis Greece

View of Greece

View of Acropolis from Ancient Agora


The Acroplis from our hotel roof

Blue Mosque

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Outside Hotel in Istanbul

Spice Market in Istanbul

look closely

outside the Istanbul university

some statues in Ancient Agora

not happy in Greece

View of Sytagma square

View from one side of Sytagma

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Our friends Niece Cunyt and Cevot Friends Istanbul view of taksim square from hotel Ephesus ruins Ephesus Spice Market
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Taksim square, Istanbul

Taksim Square

Our guides

The Acropolis

A public pavilion

eating a fish sandwich

The floating fish store

Fish boat again

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Turkey Somewhere

a Mosque shadowed by McDonalds

Me at Dolmabache Palace

Temple of Zeus

Pera Palas Balcony


Dolmabache Mosque

Obelisk in the Hippodrome